<aside> 📌 Virtual Law Cases is a pedagogical research project by Cormac McGrath, Annelie Gunnerstad, Åsa Örnberg, and Christine Storr where they explore ways to use digital tools in legal education and train students in legal method and legal decision making.



7 June 2021 CeUL avslutningsdag 🇸🇪

20 November 2020 Lärarkonferensen 🇸🇪


9 November 2020 NU konferens 🇸🇪

NU2020 - NU2020 - Hållbart lärande

9 June 2020 Connecting Legal Education 🇬🇧

Connecting Legal Education: Virtual Law Cases

Summary of the presentation

12 February 2020 - CeUL workshop 🇸🇪


Cormac McGrath, Annelie Gunnerstad, Christine Storr & Åsa Örnberg (2020) Making the case for virtual law cases: introducing an innovative way to teach law, The Law Teacher, DOI: 10.1080/03069400.2020.1773678

Making the case for virtual law cases: introducing an innovative way to teach law


Cormac McGrath

Dr Cormac McGrath is an Associate Professor at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. Cormac's research is focused on academic development, instructional design and student learning.

Åsa Örnberg

Dr Åsa Örnberg is a lecturer in public law. Her dissertation addresses the transfer of municipal services to private actors, the conditions for the transfers and the legal issues that arise. Åsa is primarily focused on municipal law but has also participated in interdisciplinary research. Åsa is course director for the mandatory Administrative Law course.

Annelie Gunnerstad

Annelie Gunnerstad holds a LL.M from Stockholm University. Annelie's dissertation addresses the concept of territorial sovereignty from a legal-historical perspective. Annelie acts as director of studies for the Law department at Stockholm University.

Christine Storr

Christine Storr is a lecturer and doctoral candidate in law & informatics at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. Storr holds a law degree from Austria and an LL.M. in Law and Information Technology from Stockholm University. Christine specialises in privacy, e-commerce, marketing law and freedom of expression. Christine teaches extensively in the Law programme. She can be found at and as iinek on Twitter.

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